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At Irah we always welcome young undergraduates to join us as interns. Client servicing is an art form that needs to be learned from the professionals. The philosophy is not just about achieving a task. More importantly it is about delivering quality work that satisfies the needs of our clients. Since our clients are from diverse industries – the exposure you will experience is also varied, that otherwise would not be possible if you are attached to one organisation.


Researching | Arranging media appointments | Writing Note to Editors, Press Releases and Proposals | Assembling Client Reports

What are we looking for?

At Irah, we love working with people who are highly self-motivated and willing to learn. A sense of enthusiasm and energy is a desired trait for those who aspire to excel in the line of public relations. We look for students who have a passion for the field of public relations, have good writing skills, and are energetic and outgoing.

Students who major in communications, public relations, journalism, English or marketing are desired.

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